Mantis 800A Ultrasonic Multiplexer

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New!! All Aluminum Heavy Duty Cabinet!


400 volt pulser …..Can be internally adjusted from 100 V to over 400 V.

Gain Control Each Channel …. Approximately 30 db of adjustable gain from front panel.

Damping Control Each Channel …. 47 ohm to 1K ohm of damping control front panel.

5K pulse rate … Will accept an external pulse rate of better than 5,000 hz.

Dual or single element operation … Allows the use of a dual element, single element, or thru transmission technique to be used on any channel in any combination at the same time.

12V operation … Can be operated from an external 9 to 16 Volt DC power supply.

110VAC 60HZ to 240VAC 50 HZ operation … 110 \ 240 VAC to 12 DC power supply included.

Auto Sequence or Manual Sequence Mode … Channels sequenced from pulse rate of flaw detector or individually using front panel push button.

LED display of channel sequence … Displays channel sequence using front panel LEDs.

Calibration Certification

Two Year Limited Warranty

MAX Channel Switch … Front panel channel limiting switch which allows the selection of 1 to 8 channel operation thus providing the maximum pulse rate available to only channels used.

Includes: AC power supply, Manual, and Calibration Certification



The Mantis “Model 800” 8 channel multiplexer is designed to provide eight separate ultrasonic pulser\receiver transducer channels to a single ultrasonic flaw detector. These channels are activated in sequence using the transmitter output of the flaw detector to trigger the multiplexer channels thus requiring one pulse\display time frame for each channel. The Mantis model 800 includes the “MAX Channel” selector switch which allows the multiplexer to apply the entire pulse rate supplied by the flaw detector to only those channels used. If only one channel is selected, then 100 percent of the pulse rate is applied to that channel.

This model also includes the “Flaw Gate In” feature. This feature allows the LEDs on the front panel to illuminate green when each channel is activated but if the flaw detector gate responds to an indication within the gate, the LED for that specific channel will illuminate red. This feature allows the operator to identify the transducers that receive a return indication that exceeds the flaw gate.

Individual channels can also be selected using the sequence toggle switch \ sequence push button feature. This feature allows the operator to sequence between pulser\receiver channels and display only the channel desired. Displaying only one channel provides for an easy gain and damping adjustment for a specific transducer.


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