ARDROX 8515 fluorescent particles for use in water

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ARDROX 8515 powder consists of finely divided fluorescent magnetic particles that will fluoresce a brilliant yellow/green under UVA light of 365nm peak wavelength. The particles have been selected for their high magnetic response, low coercivity (to avoid coagulation) and prolonged operational life.

ARDROX 8515 powder may be added to water at 10 grams per quart, providing a settlement reading between 0.1 and 0.4. Indications appear brilliant yellow-green when viewed under UVA (Black Light) of 365nm peak wavelength. Individual specification may vary, but normal minimum viewing intensity is 1200 µwatts / cm² at a distance of 15 to 18 inches from the component surface.
Sold in 30 lb. container

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ARDROX 8515 fluorescent particles for use in water

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