EchoMix 2 part couplant powder, 5 gallon packet


Equivalent to UT-x and UT-X FE

Part A is a plant-based polymer that provides the viscosity and the strong coupling Film.
Part B contains minerals, including Sodium Molybdate, which quickly increase the pH and cause the polymer to thicken. Part B also provides ferrous corrosion inhibition. The blue color is a visual marker to insure uniform distribution of the corrosion inhibitor by encouraging thorough mixing.

Provides a strong, continuous coupling Film reduces transducer wear, and adheres well to vertical and overhead surfaces without dripping.
Reduced surface tension provides good wetting characteristics.
Salt resistant formulation. No loss in viscosity on corroded surfaces, marine parts or on boilers with salt cake.
Contains no formaldehyde. No strong odor or eye irritant from off-gassing.
Low environmental impact. No phosphates.
Compact for shipping and storage.
Easy mixing, fast gel time in cold water (5 minutes to final product).
Packaging: 1 and 5 gallon easy to open and easy to use powder packets.
Corrosion inhibition: Contains mild short term Ferrous Corrosion Inhibitors.

Viscosity of 1 gallon mixture: 23,000 CPS, Brookfield #4 Spindle, 6 rpm
pH 9
Total Halogens less than 25 ppm
Sulfur less than 25 ppm
Operating Temperature: 32° – 120°F (0° – 50°C)

Removal: Remove with a dry rag, water and brush or pressure washer.

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EchoMix 2 part couplant powder, 5 gallon packet

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