EchoTherm Extreme – 2 oz


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EchoTherm Extreme removes the industrial accident liability, personnel risk and ‘startle’ factor of unanticipated auto-ignition events when conducting high temperature ultrasonic inspections. If ultrasonic gaging or corrosion testing is performed in a potentially flammable or explosive atmosphere, EchoTherm Extreme is recommended as the only couplant that will not
auto-ignite under 1300˚F, nor leave a residue.

The ideal couplant for inspection ports:

– No auto-ignition under 1300˚F

–No minimum operating temperature

Minimal residue to interfere with subsequent inspections.

Less smoke than high-temperature couplants containing a plastic polymer.

Ultra-high temperature couplant intended to optimize sound transmission and reduce surface noise.

Does not contain plastic to melt before conducting sound:

–Instant response time

–Increases testing efficiency

–Reduces the time transducers are exposed to high temperatures


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