Labino Apollo 2.0 certified digital light meter kit


Labino® Apollo 2.0 Radiometer/Photometer is an instrument for accurate measurement of UV-A irradiation and visible illumination. Extra engineering effort is taken to make an accurate measurement of visible light emission from a UV-A lamp by incorporating a superior band pass Filmter stack containing only non-fluorescent Filmters. The instrument provides fast measurement as it offers auto ranging and concurrent measuring of visible light and UV-A irradiation.

Compact & Light:
The Apollo Meter is ergonomic and easy to use due to its light weight chassis, wireless sensor unit and compact size.

Wireless sensor – Blue Tooth:
Sensor measurements and transmission of the data via Bluetooth is done alternately. This is to avoid potential impact of measurement data when Bluetooth communication is active.

Designed for Non Destructive Testing:
The Apollo meter is engineered for use in Non Destructive Testing. The visible light sensor is specially designed to measure visible light at short wavelengths (near UV) and starts measuring at 380 nm. The spectral sensitivity of the Apollo visible light sensor closely relates to the reception of the human eye (CIE Standard Observer).

Accurate and reliable:
The visible light meter is extremely accurate as it is designed according to the CIE Standard Observer. The sensor is designed without any fluorescent Filmters and the sensor is a non-fluorescent silicone photodiode.

Easy to operate:
The back light in the display comes on automatically when measuring in a dark area and it provides an auto ranging for both visible light and UV light. The meter features both hold and peak functions.
* Hold function: Press Hold button to store the value
* Peak function: Press Peak button and the sensor automatically stores the highest value measured

Readout Unit:
* Red LCD display
* Automatic back light
* High contrast LCD 2 x 16 character alphanumeric display

Power Requirements:
* Reader unit powered by three “AA” batteries that last 100 hours of active measurement
* Sensor unit powered by one “1/2 AA” lithium battery that lasts 600 hours of active measurement

Dimensions & Weight:
* Reader: 145 x 89 x 25 mm (5.71 x 3.50 x .98 inch), 100 gram (3.53 oz)
* Sensor: 108 x 68 x 23 mm (4.25 x 2.68 x .91 inch), 194 gram (6.84 oz)

Country of origin – SE (Sweden)
Customs tariff – 90278099

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Labino Apollo 2.0 certified digital light meter kit with readout unit, (1) dual UV-A/VIS wireless sensor, and plastic carrying/storage case

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 6 in