Labino UVG5 2.0 Mid Head Light With White Light Kit


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Penetrant Resistant • Current Regulator Homogeneous Beam • 8 Hrs Battery Run Time

Included In Kit:

  • 1 UVG5 2.0 Lamps
  • 1 UV Goggles
  • 1 Power Supply For Charging Batteries
  • 1 External Charger For Wall Outlets
  • 1 Car Charger
  • 2 Extra Batteries
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  • White Light – Yes
  • UV Intensity & Beam Size – 80,000 μW/cm²   &  Ø 3 Inches / 7 3/5 cm.
  • Battery Run Time – 8 Hours
  • Tested To Comply With – ASTM E3022-2018 Standard



  • Adjustable Light – The lamp can be adjusted to three different angles to meet customer needs.
  • Battery Powered – Powered by two lithium batteries that can be recharged either by a cigarette outlet in a vehicle, a wall outlet or a PSU charger (without removing the batteries).
  • One UV LED With White Light Block Filter & Optional Four White Light LEDs – A high quality UV LED with respective high-quality white light block filter that does not suffer from solarization.  Two different white lights: (a) a strong “search” white light for use in dark and tight spaces such as pipes and tanks and (b) a visual inspection white light.
  • On/Off Switch – On/Off switch is positioned at the back to prevent accidental activation.