MB 3.0 Atlas Mains UV Lamp


This compact light is simply Genius! A combination of smart mechanics and efficient electronics, designed to survive extreme temperatures and harsh working conditions,24/7. Penetrant resistant and certified with an ingress protection marking if IP68 WATERPROOF.

This lamp complies with:

  • ASTM E3022-2018 Standard
  • USAF Requirements
  • ISO 3059-12 Standard
  • Pratt & Whitney Requirements

Members of the US military should ask for MB 3.0 Atlas, or MB 3.0 Atlas with Athena spray can holder attached.

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There are four MB 3.0 Series models, Zeus, Hermes, Selene, and Atlas.  Depending on the model, the beam diameter is 8-9 inches/ 20-22 cm and with intensities that vary from ≈ 4,500 to 9000 μW/cm2.  Zeus and Selene are equipped with a strong white light as well.  Spray can holder accessory Athena is available factory installed or as a later addition. (P/N: A503)

Additional information

Weight10 lbs
Dimensions15 × 15 × 11 in

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