Met-L-Chek high temerature remover


R-502 is a special application high temperature inspection penetrant remover used as a Method C remover. It is used with high temperature visible penetrant VP-302. The use range is 51.6°C – 176.6°C (125°F -350°F). R-502 is applied to a cloth and used to wipe remove the penetrant from the inspection surface. On smooth surfaces the penetrant may wipe off readily, but on rougher surfaces the use of the remover helps to reduce the background color. This makes the actual flaw indications easier to see.
R-502 is listed on the approved products list for Mil-I-25135C It is low in Sulfur, Chlorine, Fluorine and other Halogens, making it safe for use on Titanium and high Nickel alloys found in nuclear components.
Protective gloves should be worn while working on hot surfaces to avoid burns.
Sold in 1 gallon can

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Met-L-Chek high temerature remover