Hocker Inc. factory-trained service personnel maintain, repair, and provide preventative maintenance to:

  • magnetic particle benches
  • portable equipment
  • yokes
  • blacklight equipment

In addition to these services we now offer complete NDT Level III services. If you are in need of NDT Level III  services, look no further as we now provide a complete line of Level III services.

Hocker, Inc also provides x-ray film digitizing services in a high-resolution format with its own viewing software. Quality is emphasized with quick turnaround time.

Hocker Inc also provides certification and calibration services.  Hocker Inc. has an answering service for after-hours emergencies.  Hocker Inc. is ISO 9001-2015 registered.

For more information on the nondestructive testing services and NDT Level III Services offered by Hocker, please contact us.